The month of May offers much in the way of remembrance and renewal. We have an annual, communal time of mourning with the passing of Memorial Day, and it's also nature's season of rebirth in the Northeast. In my "collector's gardens," as I call them, I find both loss and life emerging simultaneously. Right around… Continue reading Memorializing

Healthy Preparedness

Reflecting back, turning inward, and planning ahead As a doula, I have held space at both ends of life. Just as my own pregnancies and labors originally inspired my birth work, a series of personal losses inspired my interest in deathcare. Both thresholds beckon a similar presence—one that is centered, calming, and reassuring. When caring… Continue reading Healthy Preparedness

Creative Care for Dementia

“There are only four kinds of people in the world--those who have been caregivers, those who are currently caregivers, those who will be caregivers, and those who will need a caregiver.” ― Rosalyn Carter As you may know from my writing, dementia has affected my family as it does so many others. I have three relatives currently… Continue reading Creative Care for Dementia

Creating “The Death Doula’s Guide to Living Fully and Dying Prepared”: From Invitation to Publication

Publishing a book is an UNDERTAKING. What goes into it? Heaps of inspiration, ideas, stories, research, and time, plus some grit. As I near the final stretch of my new book's gestation, I'm looking back on the journey... Before this book came to be, there were serendipitous experiences that led to the "right time, right… Continue reading Creating “The Death Doula’s Guide to Living Fully and Dying Prepared”: From Invitation to Publication

Caregiving and Dementia: Connection and Loss

In honor of Alzheimer's Disease Awareness, I have decided to share some of my personal experiences caring for people with dementia. Life has presented me with some irrefusable opportunities to learn new lessons lately, and I hope some might reach—and resonate with—overwhelmed caregivers. Connection is always paramount, after all. First, though, it’s important to clarify… Continue reading Caregiving and Dementia: Connection and Loss