Special Book Giveaway Event in VT!

FOOD SHELF COLLECTION & BOOK GIVEAWAY Saturday, May 21, 202210:00 AM - 3:00 PMCarpenter Carse Library in Hinesburg, VT Map of Memory Lane, by local author Francesca Arnoldy, is a story inspired by her own early conversation with her grandparent and gently introduces the topic of loss while celebrating the simple moments we share. Francesca received… Continue reading Special Book Giveaway Event in VT!

Shape-Shifting as an End-of-Life Doula During COVID

— We're not inclined to sit idly as the world suffers (Originally published by MedPage Today on December 3, 2021) A doula is a non-medical care provider who supports people through intense times, such as birth and/or death, complementing any available healthcare services. Humans have assisted other humans through these complex thresholds since, well, always. The… Continue reading Shape-Shifting as an End-of-Life Doula During COVID

Melwin’s Memory Lane

It takes courage to lean into topics like death and grief. When a loss includes children, there are even more unknowns. What questions will they ask? Will I be able to answer any of them? How upset will they become? Will talking about it make them more sad? These worries can cause adults to shy… Continue reading Melwin’s Memory Lane