Recent & Future Events

10/17/21 “Doula Care for the Whole Family” Doulapalooza by NEDA

10/22/21 “Pediatric Loss and Grief” Webinar

11/9/21 “Culturally-Affirming Doula Approaches to End-of-Life Pet Care” VOICE Veterinarian Students

11/7/21 “Cultivating the Doula Heart” NY Open Center Thanatology Program

12/16/21-12/18/21 “The Death Doula” City of Hope End of Life Symposium

1/19/22 “Meet the Trainers” NEDA

1/27/22 “Author Series: MAP OF MEMORY LANE” EKR Foundation

3/8/22 “Supporting Children’s Grief” author visit, Summit Street School

4/30/22 “Cultivating the Doula Heart” NY Open Center Thanatology Program

5/1/22 “Supporting Children’s Grief” author visit, Village Deathcare Citizen Course

5/9/22 “Remembrance Projects” Center on Aging Gerontology Symposium

5/20/22 “Spiritual Care at the End of Life” Let’s Talk About Health: Caring for Seniors in Rural New York

5/24/22 “Supporting Children’s Grief” author visit, International Doula Life Movement

8/15/22 “Community Care at the End of Life” Panel discussion, UVM Medical School

9/21/22 “Planning, Preparing, and Processing” Fundación Elisabeth Kübler-Ross México Centro

10/3/22 “Community Care at the End of Life” Panel discussion, UVM Medical School

10/11/22 “Supporting Children’s Grief” author visit, End-of-Life Doula Association of Canada

11/12/22 “Tenets of Doula Care” The Funeral Consumer Alliance of Maine

2/5/23-2/7/23 “StoryListening Grief Support” City of Hope End-of-Life Symposium

4/30/23 “Cultivating the Doula Heart” NY Open Center Thanatology Program

Speaking Engagements

  • Webinars, senior communities, libraries, places of worship, university classes, retreats, conferences

Contact Francesca to schedule a highly customizable event.


  • The Role and Scope of a Doula
  • Grief Support: StoryListening
  • Facilitated Book Group
  • 5-Part “DOULA Heart” Workshop: Dedication to Presence, Open-Mindedness, Understanding with Compassion, Listening Intently, and Allaying Distress
  • Contemplative Doula Retreat Series
  • Pet Loss Doula Support

Francesca’s 4-6 hour “Cultivating the Doula Heart” workshop and 2-hour “Working Through Wishes” workshop are ready to travel to your location! Combine them for a full-day event. Perfect as pre- or post-conference offerings!

These workshop is geared toward open hearts and curious minds. No end-of-life, birth, or doula experience necessary. Welcoming medical professionals, doulas, caregivers, mental health clinicians, social workers, spiritual care providers, therapists, volunteers, etc. The doula heart can be infused into all work, interactions, and relationships.


“I attended your [Doula Heart] workshop this past Sunday and I just wanted to send a direct note of appreciation. I so valued the entire program, and its impact on me was a direct result of your skill and spirit as a gifted host and instructor. A bouquet of thanks for all the time, heart, soul, and mind-power you invested in creating such an insightful, enriching, and connective learning experience. You did such an incredible job of presenting at once the more general aspects and tenets of end-of-life doula work and those more personal, nuanced reflections that seem to serve as trailmarkers of deep meaning that must be met in forging this path of profound (and profoundly needed) service.” –Danielle Gasparro, Daylong Workshop Participant & Aspiring Death Doula

Get all the details in our Workshops page.