Recent & Future Events


1/4 – Guest Speaker, “Defining Doula Care” Interstitial Lung Disease Support Group, UVMMC

2/5 – Workshop Leader, “StoryListening Grief Support” City of Hope End-of-Life Symposium

3/15 – Pre-Order Campaign Celebration Event

3/17 – Workshop Leader, “Self-Sustenance: Your Inner Resources,” Vermont Pediatric Palliative Care Provider Wellness Day

4/30 – Workshop Leader, “Cultivating the Doula Heart” Certificate in Thanatology with The Art of Dying Institute at One Spirit

5/9 – Workshop Leader, Older Adult Behavioral Health Network at MA Association for Mental Health

5/15 – Breakout Session Leader, “Self-Sustenance: Your Inner Resources,” Gerontology Symposium, Larner College of Medicine

SUMMER/AUTUMN Book Launch Events are coming soon!

2023 CV/Resume

Speaking Engagements

  • Webinars, communities/community centers, libraries, places of worship, university classes, retreats, conferences

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  • The Role and Scope of a Doula: “Tenets of Doula Care”
  • “Self-Sustenance: Your Inner Resources”
  • Grief Support: StoryListening
  • Facilitated Book Group
  • 5-Part “DOULA Heart” Workshop: Dedication to Presence, Open-Mindedness, Understanding with Compassion, Listening Intently, and Allaying Distress
  • Contemplative Doula Retreat Series

Francesca’s 4-6 hour “Cultivating the Doula Heart” workshop and 2-hour “Working Through Wishes” workshop are ready to travel to your location! Combine them for a full-day event. Perfect as pre- or post-conference offerings!

These workshop is geared toward open hearts and curious minds. No end-of-life, birth, or doula experience necessary. Welcoming medical professionals, doulas, caregivers, mental health clinicians, social workers, spiritual care providers, therapists, volunteers, etc. The doula heart can be infused into all work, interactions, and relationships.


Thank you for coming into my Aging: Change and Adaptation class to talk about how you got into End-of-Life Doula work and to share your insights from your experiences. As you know, most of the students in the class are in their first year, and most expressed great hesitancy and resistance to thinking about and talking about dying, death, and bereavement, in advance of your presentation. But after it, I could feel a shift in the room, and as we explored the shift, it was clear that you offered the students a way to think about and be with those who are dying that was compassionate and caring but also real –you didn’t gloss over the challenges of facing death and of being with people in the dying process, but you also showed students the power and potential of being present and real with people at this challenging time. And you took the time to explain how you care for yourself so that you can continue to do this work.
The tenets you offered helped students to understand the ethical as well as practical aspects of doula work. You were great with students’ questions as well –being real with them and also acknowledging how intense the work of a doula can be—emotionally and mentally—and more generally how hard it can be to face the death of a loved one and to think about death and dying at all. In this way, you helped students open up to the idea that dying and death are life processes that, while hard to be present for and to think about at all, also, if we can open to them, offer us an opportunity to engage more fully in life itself. –Jackie Weinstock, PhD she/her, Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, University of Vermont

I attended your [Doula Heart] workshop this past Sunday and I just wanted to send a direct note of appreciation. I so valued the entire program, and its impact on me was a direct result of your skill and spirit as a gifted host and instructor. A bouquet of thanks for all the time, heart, soul, and mind-power you invested in creating such an insightful, enriching, and connective learning experience. You did such an incredible job of presenting at once the more general aspects and tenets of end-of-life doula work and those more personal, nuanced reflections that seem to serve as trail markers of deep meaning that must be met in forging this path of profound (and profoundly needed) service. –Danielle Gasparro, Daylong Workshop Participant & Aspiring Death Doula

I invited Francesca to speak to students about end-of-life and her doula experience in my Psychology of Aging seminar. What a gift Francesca has to talk about death compassionately and frankly, and to do so simultaneously—it was an incredibly moving and empowering class for me and my students. It was one of the first times I heard someone say, without judgment, that it’s important to honor people’s needs while accompanying their loved one through the end of life. My students came away from class with new information about the process of dying and expanded views on what it means to express and honor one’s own and others’ end-of-life wishes. –Christine M. Proulx, PhD she/her, Professor, Department of Counseling, University of Vermont

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