Caregiving and Dementia: Connection and Loss

In honor of Alzheimer's Disease Awareness, I have decided to share some of my personal experiences caring for people with dementia. Life has presented me with some irrefusable opportunities to learn new lessons lately, and I hope some might reach—and resonate with—overwhelmed caregivers. Connection is always paramount, after all. First, though, it’s important to clarify… Continue reading Caregiving and Dementia: Connection and Loss

The Talisman: Discovering Death Rituals as a Doula

Although definitions vary slightly, the term “talisman,” from telesma (Greek) and tilsam (Arabic), is often defined as a physical object imbued with powers to repel negative forces or attract positive energy. There is evidence from as far back as 25,000 BC that prehistoric peoples readily used these symbols of protection, and they were very common in ancient Egypt—especially in… Continue reading The Talisman: Discovering Death Rituals as a Doula

Working Through Wishes

As a presenter about end-of-life doula work, I have come to realize that guiding groups through workshops often mirrors direct work in the field. Whether it’s birth or death, people yearn for support and validation from a nonjudgmental listening ear. This goes for leading participants through visualizations and advance care planning, too. When an array… Continue reading Working Through Wishes