Creating “The Death Doula’s Guide to Living Fully and Dying Prepared”: From Invitation to Publication

Publishing a book is an UNDERTAKING. What goes into it? Heaps of inspiration, ideas, stories, research, and time, plus some grit. As I near the final stretch of my new book’s gestation, I’m looking back on the journey…

Before this book came to be, there were serendipitous experiences that led to the “right time, right place” phenomenon. Here’s the streamlined backstory! The rest of the journey continues below…

So what’s this new publication about?

The Death Doula’s Guide to Living Fully and Dying Prepared is an interactive workbook that encourages readers to reflect back, turn inward, and plan ahead. Covering concepts such as death anxiety, mortality awareness, and connection, this welcome publication is geared toward anyone wanting a more intentional approach to living and dying as well as those looking to begin or update their end-of-life plans, those with serious/terminal conditions, people ready to create remembrance gifts for loved ones, and deathcare providers seeking more tools for direct care.

Broken down into steps, this book was a work of HEART and a labor of love. Here’s a peek behind the scenes…

Step 1: The initial invitation from New Harbinger Publication. Will our visions align?

Step 2: First meetings. Brainstorming. The foundational sources of inspiration: my own death journal and “Working Through Wishes” workshop.

Step 3: Mind mapping, which revealed the original title and outline(s). Preparing the book proposal file.

Step 4: Components of the first sample chapter, “Your Core Self,” and stylistic questions.

Step 5: The second sample chapter, “Connection,” and an updated outline. Things are really evolving and expanding!

Step 6: The official YES, quickly followed by a deep dive into the realm of book contracts.

Step 7: The REAL work begins–the writing. Tight deadlines and a glimpse into my creative process…

Step 8: Picking the cover. The options:

Step 9: Copyediting, the back matter, proofreading, the foreword, and the first round of early readers receive the manuscript.

Step 10 (and beyond): Sending in my author photo and final thoughts to the publisher. Setting up the preorder campaign with AMAZING digital goodies!

So how about that preorder campaign?? Learn how to get all the digital goodies!

Eager to purchase the book? It’s available through all the major retailers and your local bookstore should be able to order it for you as well! Here are some options:





And THANK YOU endlessly for the support, love, and encouragement. #liftedbymany

All my heart, Francesca

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